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Tummel, about 1.5 miles upstream of the Tay confluence


Approximately 1.6 miles of mainly double-bank fishing
Fished by 6 rods, with a retained management rod which is occasionally fished
No ghillies, 1 hut on each bank 
Price: From £35 per rod/day.

East Haugh 1 lies approximately 1 mile below Pitlochry with it's famous dam. The beat comprises  approximately 1.6 miles of  mainly double bank fishing on the River Tummel which is the foremost producer of spring fish for the river Tay.

The countryside surrounding the beat is most attractive, with a mixture of woodlands and high ground, heather hills and mountains. The majority of fish are caught in the Spring and the beat offers very reasonable prices for those keen to fish.

The fishery is well served by vehicular access at various locations. See beat plan and information below.

There are 9 main pools which are named as Pol Treigh, Tomdachoille, Greenbank, Peg Leg's corner, Cut, Upper Ferry, Lower Ferry. Pitcastle Burn and Moulinearn.

The maximum number of let rods allowed is six. The owning syndicate, however, reserves the right to fish a seventh rod, in order to perform a management function in the absence of a ghillie.

Pitlochry, a Victorian spa town, hosts a great number of hotels and guest houses, most of which welcome anglers. The town is also renowned for it's Festival Theatre as well as the famous dam and salmon ladder.

Access Left bank

Approximately 1 1/2 miles north of Ballinluig, a track is located in a cutting to the left of the dual carriageway directly opposite the sign - posted road junction to East Haugh. (A metal gate is positioned at the entrance).

200 yards along the track there is a turning area and a pedestrian crossing over the railway.

This provides access to Peg Leg's Corner one of the main holding pools and roughly in the middle of the beat.

The area adjacent the crossing is required for turning. Please do not park here or block access along the track. Parking is available a short distance from the crossing where the track is wider.

Access Right bank

The beat can be accessed from the track that passes through Tomdachoille Farm which is located off the Pitlochry to Logierait road on the west side of the river.

Take the track down to Tomdachoille Farm then turn first right thus avoiding the immediate vicinity of the farmhouse.

Please leave all gates in the position you find them and park adjacent to the fishing hut.

The track also provides access to the Moulinearn Pool at the bottom of the beat where a parking area is also provided.

Do not obstruct the track or encroach on cultivated areas.

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