Lower Tay, upstream of Stanley


Two beats, each one mile long, fished on alternate days
6 rods (max), 2 ghillies, 2 boats and 1 hut per beat
Price range: from £55 per rod/day

Taymount is one of the most legendary beats on the River Tay. It is subdivided into two beats, Upper and Lower, which Taymount anglers fish on alternate days, alternating with Stobhall.

In 2020 Taymount anglers will fish the Upper Beat on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and the Lower Beat on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

The water is very varied and has excellent streamy water, ideal for flyfishing in all but the biggest spates. There are also deeper runs and pools where salmon hold up in all waters. There is always a chance of fish on Taymount regardless of conditions, but a rise in the water offers the best opportunities of all.

At the bottom of the Lower Beat the Tay narrows down into a rocky gorge, a long pool known as the Major's Cast well noted for producing huge fish for which the Tay was legendary. The river then spills through Campsie Linn, an awesome waterfall, into the Linn Pool, a phenomenal place reputed to the 90 feet deep! The setting is magnificent.

Taymount is an excellent beat throughout the season. The Linn Pool is one of the best pools on the whole river in spring. Especially if the river is high springers tarry in the Linn Pool and a catch is assured. The biggest catches however are made in the summer and autumn. As the season progresses this beat accumulates more and more fish offering glorious sport.

There are two ghillies on Taymount and on each beat there are two boats and a comfortable fishing hut which has cold running water, cooking facilities and WC.

Directions to the beats:

Upper beat

Take the B9099 road leading north from Stanley and turn right at the sign for the Kinclaven/ Blairgowrie/ Ballathie Hotel after a few hundred yards. Follow this road for around 1.5 miles until you reach Innernyte Farm(PH1 4QH) on the left, opposite which, on the right hand side, there is track which leads down to the lunch hut.

Lower Beat

Take the B9099 road leading north from Stanley and turn right at the sign for Kinclaven/Blairgowrie/Ballathie Hotel after a few hundred yards. After around 0.5 mile turn right at the sign "Taymount Home Farm".

Go straight down the drive until the sign "Taymount Estate" directing you to the right and follow the road down the hill and bear left at the bottom passing the white house on your left. This track brings you to the lunch hut.