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Lower Dee



Just over half a mile (0.8km) of right bank, 3 named pools, maximum rods 3
No Ghillie.
Price range: from £30 per rod/day

The Maryculter beats is an attractive small beat on the lower Dee and produces good numbers of very fresh salmon because of its close proximity to the sea.

The beat features three main pools.

The High Bank at the top of the beat has a streamy neck which suits low to medium heights and fishes well from late July as fish begin to take residence in the stream and is also a good taking spot for running fish throughout the season. The pool widens as it progresses downstream and fishes well in medium to high water.

The High Bank Pool transitions into the Hotel Pool, which features some excellent lies and fishes well in low to medium water heights.

The bottom pool is the Burn Pool, where the Culter Burn enters the Dee on the north bank. The mid-point of the burn is the lower boundary of the beat.

The Burn Pool fishes well in low to medium water where a Sunray or Monkey fished fast can produce exciting takes.

The top of the beat is when the small burn comes in and the bottom of the beat is the mid point of the Culter burn which comes in on the opposite bank.

The beat is un-ghillied and access is obtained from the Maryculter House Hotel car park, full details are in the joining instructions sent when a booking is made

Maryculter supports the river Dee conservation code and requests adherence to the code guidelines.

Fly fishing is the preferred method of fishing on the beat. Spinning is permitted in accordance with the Dee Conservation code. Fishing with prawns, shrimps, worms or any other natural bait, or any parts thereof, is prohibited at all times.

All fish caught, whether salmon or sea trout, to be handled with extreme care and not to be removed from the river.

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