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Lower Tay, about three miles upstream of Stanley


Two double-bank beats, 1.25 miles total
Fished on alternate days by 6 rods
2 ghillies, 2 boats, 1 hut per beat 
Price: £35 per day to end March.

 In 2017 Ballathie anglers will fish the Lower Beat on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the Upper Beat on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Beat description

Ballathie is one of the best known and one of the most productive beats on the Tay. It is subdivided into two double-bank beats, Upper and Lower which Ballathie anglers fish on alternate days. Ballathie alternates with Cargill.

There are two ghillies, George and Garry, who are themselves expert anglers, to help you understand the beat, help you with your fishing skills, and hopefully help you catch a fish. There are two boats and a fishing hut on each beat.

In terms of character at the top end Ballathie starts with the Bridge Stream, a long stream which is ideal for flyfishing which can be fished in almost all heights of water. As there is deep water close in this stretch is easy to fish. 

Thereafter the water flattens out and it flows over what might best be described as a shelf of sandstone rock which carries on for nearly half a mile. 

This is highly deceptive water though because under the apparently placid surface strong tongues of flow have worn deep holes into the ledges of rock producing some of the most attractive lies for salmon on the Tay.

Especially in lower water conditions, salmon pack into this water and can be quite easily fished for by spinner or fly. 

Pools with such evocative names as the Pot Shot, Rumbling Stone, Clocksden and the Cradle have produced some of the greatest catches on the Tay.

The best catches are normally made in the autumn but if the water is low good catches can be made at all times of the year.

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